How to speak in public and have fun doing it
Communication is the key to success. It is needed everywhere. In this fun filled and interactive session Isaak will take the terror out of speaking and presenting in public. You will learn simple techniques that you can use immediately. You will learn how to organize, prepare and deliver your presentations in a few easy steps. You will learn how to incorporate humor and personal stories into your presentation, and to make your presentations fun and memorable.

Small talk is not small at all
Don’t you hate it? The prospect of walking into a room that’s packed with strangers, approaching someone you’ve never met and striking up a conversation. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable. Are you making a positive first impression? Are you saying the right things? Well, don’t be discouraged. You’re not alone. Many top executives, politicians and celebrities dread these situations. Master Any Encounter. Become a master conversationalist. Small talk is not small at all. Become a master of small talk. Learn how to start any conversation, keep it going and gracefully exit.